Season 1
Created by Pickledudette
Directed by Pickledudette
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Triple Date
100th Day kiss

VicRUSHous is a Victorious Fanon Season 1 crossover event.


  • Cogan
  • Matenzie


After Mackenzie invites Andre,Tori,Cat,Matt,and Robbie(Jade and Beck are on a date at the beach) to a BTR concert Cat sneaks back stage.When they find her she is with Logan.She says:

"Hey guys!Meet Logan...My new boyfriend!"

Thats when things get weird.Then the Panda (From iParty with victorious) shows up and whacks Andre in the butt,and Andre and Tori run after it.Mackenzie and Matt Decide to join them.This just leaves Robbie ,Cat,and Logan stareing at eachother.Though out the episode BTR,Andre,Cat,Tori,Robbie,Matt,and Mackenzie try to catch the panda.


  • It is unknown rather Logan and Cat stayed together,as he is never mentiond after this crossover.

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