Tori Vega
Tori singing Freak the Freak Out
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Nationality: American
Hometown: Hollywood
Professional Information
  Hollywood Arts
Friends and Family
Holly Vega (mother)

David Vega (father)

Victor Vega
Trina Vega
Dani Vega
Alice Dawn (maternal grandma)
Jade West, Cat Valentine, Andre Harris, Beck Oliver, Robbie Shapiro, Angelica Diamond, Daisy Diamond, Peppy Darlington, Robin Acerson
Love interests:
Rider Daniels[ex] Daniel[ex]

Beck Oliver[future husband currenly boyfriend]

Locker Design:
Dark blue background with glowing stars with MAKE IT SHINE lights
Sonya Vega (paternal aunt)
Tori Vega is one of the main characters of the real show, Victorious. She is the 16-year old, main protagonist of Nick's hit show Victorious. Tori Vega experiences the biggest change of her life in 'The Big Showcase' when she transfers from Sherwood High School to Hollywood Arts, where she's able to practice her "craft" (acting, singing, and dancing) and make new friends as well as enemies. Though she is still sometimes out of her element, she is quickly learning how things work at Hollywood Arts.

TV Show and FilmsEdit

  • Victorious (2010-2013 TV Series)
  • ‘’Victorious: The Movie (2014 film)’’
  • ‘’[[Victorious 2: The Movie (2015 film).
  • ‘’[[Victorious 3: The Movie (2016 film).
  • ‘’[[Victorious 4. The Movie (2017 film).

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Tori is nice, positive, kind, sweet, deep, serious, and funny. Nevertheless, she is always there when her friends need her, and they always return the favor.

Character ProfileEdit

  • She is half Latina from her father's side. Ironically, Victoria herself is half Latina.
  • It took her three tries to pass the Bird Scene.
  • One of the apps on Tori's phone is TwitFlash which is a Twitter app.
  • She loves "" and even has a sticker on her fridge with the name of the webshow.
  • It is said in the Pilot that Tori has never had one cavity.
  • Her screen name is ToriVega.
  • She has kissed both Cat and Jade's boyfriends (Beck in the Pilot; Daniel in Cat's New Boyfriend).
  • Tori has been hit three times so far in the series, by Trina in Jade Dumps Beck and Freak the Freak Out and by Cat in Cat's New Boyfriend.
  • Tori got into Hollywood Arts by singing Make It Shine.
  • She first met Andre at her house when Trina invited him to practice for their performance for the big showcase.
  • As seen in The Wood, Tori [and Jade] know how to sing Forever Baby in Spanish.
  • Tori is a brunette, with brown eyes.
  • Tori has a sticker of Katy Perry in her locker which shows she might be a fan.
  • Ironically, Victoria Justice's character Lola Martinez on Zoey 101 also had a knack for acting.
  • Before the series was green-lit for filming, the character was known as "Alex Mitchell."
  • An interesting note is that before Victoria Justice was cast, the gender of "Alex Mitchell" was a bit ambiguous; even boys auditioned for the role.
  • One of Tori's costumes is owned by Carly Shay from iCarly.
  • "Tori" means "bird" in Japanese which is a little odd with the bird scene.
  • In Sleepover at Sikowitz's she played a Cop named "Officer Pedesco" who loved Raisin Bran cereal and in the end was the only who didn't break character. This is interesting, as Tori's father is a cop.
  • Tori has pretended to be fictional people twice: Louise Nordoff in Freak the Freak Out and Crystal Waters in Beck's Big break.
  • She has a fear of doing stunts, as revealed in Beck Fall for Tori.
  • In Tori Gets Stuck it was revealed she is allergic to Bush Daisies.
  • Tori reveals in the crossover that she used to watch All That (a former show on Nickelodeon, also produced by Dan Schneider).
  • It is also revealed that she has O- blood type.
  • There seems to be a recurring gag on the show about her cheekbones, from people complimenting them (Mrs. Lee, Ryder, and Freddie) to asking her if they're real (Ke$ha). Tori's cheekbones are squeezed by Kenan Thompson during iParty with Victorious.
  • Tori likes to dip her French fries in her mayonaise.
  • Whenever she tries to 'talk urban', Tori gets the hiccups.
  • She has contacts.