The New Kid In SchoolEdit

This episode marks the first appearance of Isabella Kayden.The Song Featured in the end Is Called She Said By Brie Larson.You can listen to it on youtube


Cat and Mackenzie come to Tori and tell her that the principal just accepted a new kid.Her name is Isabella Kayden. Tori and her friends introduce themselves.She says hello to Jade and they start talking.She tells Jade that she has known Beck since elementary school.Jade walks off sad.They later meet up and Isabella asked what happen and Jade said Just Leave Me Alone!! Jade then spreads around school that Isabella and Beck are secretly dating. Jade then spills iced coffee on Isabella.She goes to Tori for help.She has Isabella write a song for revenge song. She writes it and performs teh song She Said and humiliates Jade.


-When Jade spills the coffee on Isabella its just like what she did to Tori in Pilot

-This makes a reference to the episode "Pilot"

-The Song is called She Said and is sung by Isabella Kayden

-She Said is originally by Brie Larson