1. When Cat arrives at prison Tori tries to get her friendship back so Tori remebers everything they doed together and they escape from jail and tries to find The Totem Curse Pole that maked her cursed. Meanwhile Rex tries to make Robbie, Jade and Beck be good for Tori. Tori wonders how Rex is not turned, thats because he is a puppet.
  2. Tori and others try to destroy the pole but it only makes Tori weaker and smaller. In the moment of reign and fury Tori breaks the totem but it makes Zims evil twin to emerge! Tori and Zam the Twin rise to the size of Godzillas and they start to injure each other.
  3. After several injures and defeating Zam and sending him to the hell, Tori wakes up in her house and she sees a Welcome Back Party! Tori imagines what happened, looking in the sky,thinking of man who never was(Zam) and says to her friends that she will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever touching the poles.