Spooky Hollywood Arts
Some of Hollywood Arts' haunted lockers
Season 1
Created by Pretty pink123's friend
Directed by Pretty pink123's friend
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Spooky Hollywood Arts is a Halloween Special of Victorious Fanon.


Sikowitz warns the students about the death anniversary of twins who are also students of Hollywood Arts. He tells them to leave school before 12:30pm. If the clock strucks at 12:30, the school will get haunted by ghosts. The whole gang doesn't believe in the story. During lunch time (12:00 - 1:00) they hang out by the lockers when the lights start to flicker. When the lights go on, Tori is seen alone without anyone else. Jade is seen trapped in the janitor's closet. Andre and Beck are seen trapped in the boy's bathroom. Cat and Robbie are locked out of the front door of the school. Trina and Sinjin are trapped in the music room. Jade comes out of the janitor's closet and communicates with Cat and Robbie by texting. Cat texted that they tried every way to open the door, so they gave up. Jade notices that Tori isn't by the lockers anymore. Jade hears voices, who are Andre and Beck looking for help since they're trapped in the restroom. She opens it and brought them out there. The three of them split up. Beck and Jade look for Trina and Sinjin, while Andre, alone, looks for Tori. When they split up, Andre got a text that says, "We've got her!" and informs Beck and Jade. They went to Sikowitz's classroom, where they found Tori, Trina, and Sinjin tied up on a chair. But their eyes are closed. Jade, Beck , and Andre notice something on the door that says, "Do you think we're that stupid?". So they realized Tori, Trina, and Sinjin are just mannikins. They went to the Blackbox theater and found the real Tori, Trina, and Sinjin, who are also tied up with tape on their mouth. They were at the balcony of the theater, so Beck went up to get them. But Beck can't bring them down because they're too heavy to carry, so Beck decided to throw them. Andre catches Tori. Jade unwillingly catches Trina. But no one catches Sinjin. When they untied them, Jade fell under the floor and can't get out. They tried to find her, and went to the front door. They saw Cat, Jade, and Robbie looking for help. And someone's at the back of Andre, Tori, Beck, Trina, and Sinjin, the real Cat, Jade, and Robbie are there.

They decided to go home by riding in Beck's RV, it can already be drived even if you're inside the RV. Sikowitz comes in but gets punched by Jade, because she got annoyed. Someone else is knocking the door. When Beck looks through the peep hole no one's there. He opened the door and he got glowing red eyes (He's possessed). He passes it to Cat, Trina, Sinjin, Robbie, Tori, Andre, and lastly Jade. When they passed it to others, they wore off, but Jade goes out of control. She levitates and turns the whole sky dark, and summoned more ghosts. She was so mad at Tori that she made a tornado so she will disappear. Andre tries to save Tori but the two of them are already sucked in, and disappear. Jade made Cat faint. They get fewer and fewer. Beck tells Jade to snap out of it, but she can't. Jade kneels down and faints, with words in her arms that say, "I'll kill you Beck Oliver".

Jade, Cat, and Sikowitz wake up and her a screeching noise. All of them followed the noise and went inside the bathroom. A glowing red object disappears. Tori and Andre are seen tied up with blindfolds. They untied them and Tori and Andre stare at each other smiling. The rest of the gang think they're flirting because Tori and Andre didn't tell them yet that they're already dating. When they got out of the bathroom, Tori holds hands with Andre, pretending that she's scared. They let go went the rest of them stare at them in a strange way. Sikowitz decides to stay inside the RV, and the rest goes out to get more gasoline. They see a mouth with sharp teeth from far away, and turns out to be a creature with thorns all over. Tori hugs Andre because she is really scared but they stare at them again. Jade and Trina become sarcastic when they asked them if they're flirting. So Andre and Tori let go.

They see a bunch if ghosts surrounding them, making them runs so far away that they reached the woods near the school. They spent the whole night in the woods. When they woke up in the morning, Robbie gets a call from Sikowitz, who tells them directions to go back to the RV. They found the RV there. And Hollywood Arts is already safe. So they went back to school.

Meanwhile, Tori and Andre decided not to tell them that they're dating so there will be no fights at all. And so no one will ruin their relationship. There are many ways when they interact with each other in a romantic way, when Andre catches Tori in the theater, when Tori goes beside Andre in the RV, when Andre tries to save Tori and tells her he will never leave her, when they stare at each ither and smile, when they hold hands, and when they hug. When they found the RV, they said I Love You to each other and kiss.


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  • Tandre (Tori and Andre)
  • Bade (Beck and Jade)
  • Cabbie (Cat and Robbie)
  • Jori (Jade and Tori's friendship)
  • Bendre (Beck and Andre's friendship)
  • Torina (Tori and Trina's friendship)


  • This is the first Halloween special of Victorious Fanon.
  • This episode happened after "Random Plays".
  • Rex becomes absent in Part 2.
  • This episode has the third "Tandre Kiss".
  • The music room from the real episode "Beggin' on Your Knees is seen again.