Real Gone is the fan pilot episode.

Plot Edit

Jacob Vega is a newcomer to Hollywood Arts. He takes a liking to the school there he meets Beck, Andre, Robbie, Jade and Rex he already knows Cat from the first grade though he hasn't remembered her for years since he moved until he remembered her hair color being red. Jacob gets 'in trouble' by Sikowitz which Sikowiz was just kidding with him and asks why he wears his sunglasses all the time and a necklace Cat made him. Jacob then got into trouble with his uncle David and threatend to arrest his own nephew but Jacob wanted to join the police force. He later sings Real Gone with Cat and replicas the same exact guitar sound in Billy Ray Cyrus's version of the song.

Music featured Edit

Real Gone by Billy Ray Cyrus 

Cult Of Personality by Living Colour 

Guest starsEdit

WWE superstars CM Punk and John Cena as themselves 

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