Sikowitz: Today is the first day of...RANDOM PLAYS! Ta-da!
Andre: What about it?
Sikowitz: I will randomly choose a play and the students in it.
Cat: Yay! I love those stuff!
Rex: Shut it, redhead!
Robbie: Rex!
Sikowitz: Okay, (spins the wheel) here it goes!
(Wheel stops at "Romance")
Sikowitz: Ooh! A play about love!
Jade: Get on with it!
Tori: You know you don't have to be bitter.
Sikowitz: Wait! You have to promise me not to back out when your names get picked!
Everyone: (they raise their right hand) We promise not to back out.
Sikowitz: And (picks up pieces of paper) .....Tori Vega as Stephanie Miller!
Tori: Yay!
Sikowitz: Andre Harris as Drake Thompson!
Andre: Cool!
Sikowitz: Jade West and Beck Oliver as Mrs. and Mr. Miller!
Jade: Okay, I don't wanna be Tori's mom!
Beck: Just do it!!!!
Jade: Fine.
Sikowitz: For the other ones who don't have a part, please do your homework!
Robbie: Done and done!
Trina: Why would I write words on paper! I have a party at my friend's house!
Cat: Trina, you have to do your homework!
Rex: Yup! I'd rather be with the drama queen than be with a geek and a redhead kid.
(Everyone looks at him)

Opening song: Make it Shine

(Trina is seen copying Robbie's homework)
Trina: (throws the original one in the janitor's closet) Hah! Now let's see who'll be at a "different" party!
Cat: Hey Robbie!
Robbie: Hey Cat! Have you seen my homework?
Cat: Maybe Trina knows. (sees Trina throwing the homework in the closet) Huh! Hey Robbie I see Trina throwing it in the janitors closet!
Robbie: What?! (They both go inside)
Robbie: Yay! I got my homework!
Cat: Um, Robbie why won't the door open? (they both overheard that the door can only be opened from the outside)
Robbie: NO!!!!

(During the play rehearsal)
Second-to-the-last Scene
Jade: (as Mrs. Miller) Hey, are you sure we're going the right way?
Beck: (as Mr. Miller) Totally sure!
Jade and Beck: Aahh!
(they had a car crash)
Last Scene
Tori: (as Stephanie Miller, crying) Why is this happening to me???
Andre: (as Drake Thompson) Don't worry Stephanie, I'll always be here for you.
Tori: Awww! That's so sweet of you!
(they were supposed to kiss, but they failed to)
(End of play rehearsal)
Sikowitz: Uh, you were supposed to kiss!
Andre: Look, we can't do it.
Tori: We're best friends.
Sikowitz: Okay, but you have to kiss during the play.
Jade: (to Beck) Come on, I wanna get some coffee rather than watching this drama.
Beck: See you guys later!
Tori and Andre Yeah, bye!

Robbie and Cat: HELP! HELP! We're locked in!
Janitor: (opens the door) Aahhh!
Robbie and Cat Aahhh! (they run out of the room)
Robbie: I am so mad at Trina!!!
Cat: Then why won't you prank her?
Robbie: Prank her?
Cat: Yeah. Sometimes my brother pranks me with some "stuff"
Rex: I'm starting to like that redhead's idea. Update
Tori Vega: Getting ready for the play, still nervous. Mood: Nervous

(During the play)
Tori: (as Stephanie Miller, crying) Why is this happening to me???
Andre: (as Drake Thompson) Don't worry Stephanie, I'll always be here for you.
Tori: Awww! That's so sweet of you!
(they kiss)
(End of play)
They leave the theater in different directions.
Sikowitz: Hey guys! Do you wanna get some popcorn?

Jade: Hello Vega! How's your kissy boo boo with Andre turn out?
Tori: Well, we did kiss but we don't talk anymore.
Jade: Awww! I just love it when something horrible is happening to you!
Tori: Look, I never thought I'm gonna say this but, I need your help.
Jade: Okay, we can have a little "Jadee talk". So what do you want? Money, my boyfriend, love? Just tell me!
Tori: Yup, it's love all right.
Jade: Okay, maybe you can just-
Tori: I know! Maybe I can give him a gift!
Jade: Uh, that works too.

Beck: Hey Andre! Hows it going!
Andre: I don't think it went well.
Beck: And?
Andre: Me and Tori are not talking anymore.
Beck: Maybe you can just-
Andre: I know! I can give her a gift!
Beck: Yeah! That works too!

(Robbie is seen holding a big piece of pie)
Cat: Robbie, what are you doing!
Robbie: Since Trina made us get trapped in the janitor's closet, I'm gonna pull a prank on Trina.
Rex: It's foolproof!
Cat: What's that supposed to mean?!
Robbie: Just ignore him.
(Trina is seen talking to her friend)
Robbie: (aiming at Trina) Ready, aim, fire! (throws pie at Trina)
(a student practicing karate accidentally kicks the pie, making it hit Robbie's face)
Cat: Mmm! Your delicious
Rex: Yeah right!
Robbie: I should think of another one.

(Tori leaves a present at Andre's house and runs away
(Andre leaves flowers at Tori's house and runs away)
In Tori's house
Tori: Awww! Someone gave me flowers! (reads a note)
To: Tori Vega
From: Anonymus
Who sent this to me? I love flowers!
In Andre's house
Andre: Who sent this? (reads a note)
To: Andre Harris
From: Anonymus
(opens the present and sees a mini keyboard) Ooh! I love keyboards! I wonder who sent this. Update
Tori Vega: I wonder who sent me flowers. Hmmmm... Mood: Curious

Andre: Hey Beck!
Beck: How's this "love plan" going?
Andre: Someone sent me a mini keyboard, and I don't know who sent it to me.
Beck: Maybe you can just-
Andre: I know! I can tell it to her in front of a lot of people. I'll appear on television!
Beck: Okay.

Tori: Hey Jade.
Jade: What?!
Tori: The plan didn't work and someone sent me flowers.
Jade: Just-
Tori: I can tell it to him in front of a lot of people! I'll appear on television
Jade: Uh, fine. Just do those mumbo jumbo stuff.

(Robbie is seen with a lip gloss)
Robbie: (handing the lip gloss to Trina) Hey Trina! Do you wanna have prettier lips?
Trina: (pushing the lip gloss to Robbie) Ewww! Why would I use a lip gloss from a super geeky nerd?!
Robbie: (pushing it to Trina) JUST USE IT!!!
Trina: (pushing it to Robbie, making him have lip gloss) Blech! One more like that and you lose a hand!!!
Robbie: (can't open his mouth because of the fake lip gloss) Mmumummumummmu!
Cat: (runs to Robbie) Hey Robbie! What? I can't understand you!
Rex: He's just saying, "Back off redhead!"!!! Hahah!
Cat: He's not saying that! I just heard him say Mmmumummmumumum!
Robbie: (still can't open his mouth) Mummmummmummmumu!

(There is a television screen at the Main Hall of Hollywood Arts)
Newscaster: (on TV) And that is all folks! We go now to the Weather For-
Andre: (suddenly appears on screen) Hey! I just wanna say....uh....(was supposed to say something about Tori)..uh...I...hate...Brussels Sprouts!
Newscaster: What?!
Andre: Okay my 15 seconds of fame is done. Bye!!!
(The students watching the television look confused)
(On another channel)
Dr. Love: (On TV) And that is all the time we have folks! See me again in Dr. Love Radio Show-
Tori: (suddenly appears on screen) Hey! I just wanna say something! Uh....Uh...(was supposed to say something about Andre)! Yeah! That's it!
Dr. Love: You love raisins?
Tori: Okay bye!
(Jade is seen also watching television)
Jade: Whoa! That girl on TV looks just like the one I deeply hate!

TheSlap Update
Tori: I have no idea what I just did on TV! Mood: Embarrassed

Jade: (to Tori) Hey! Weren't you that girl on TV?
Tori: Nevermind about that! I really wanna talk to Andre! I really wanna tell him something!
Jade: Hey! (Tori won't stop complaining) Hey! (Tori still won't stop complaining) HEY!
Tori: What?
Jade: Why won't you just talk to him!
Tori: You should have told me that days ago!
Jade: You were thinking about different ideas before letting me finish saying it!
Tori: But how are we gonna do it?
Jade: You can invite him at your house have a romantic dinner with him!
Tori: Okay...Hey! What do you mean by romantic?
Jade: You know! You+Him=Something!
Tori: What?!

Beck: (to Andre) Weren't you on TV yesterday?
Andre: Yeah but....I need to talk to Tori!!! I really need to tell her something!!!
Beck: Hey! (Andre won't stop complaining) Hey! (Andre still won't stop complaining) HEY!
Andre: What?
Beck: Why won't you just talk to her!
Andre: You should have told me that days ago!
Beck: You were thinking about different ideas before letting me finish saying it!
Andre: But how am I gonna talk to her?
Beck: You can visit her at her place and have a romantic dinner with her!
Andre: Okay...But wait a minute! What do you mean by romantic?
Beck: I really think you and Tori have something.
Andre: What?

(Robbie is seen with a rope and if someone steps on the tied loop and Robbie pulls it, someone will have a clown face)
Robbie: (sees Trina) Hey it's Trina!
(Robbie pulls the rope but misses)
Robbie: Awww! MISS! (realizes he accidentally pulled the rope on Lane) Oh my gosh!
Lane: (seen with a clown face) ROBBIE SHAPIRO!!!! You are in gigantic trouble!
Robbie: Oh no!
Lane: You made me have a clown face! Now you have to go to detention tomorrow night!
Robbie: But Trina stole my homework and made me and Cat get trapped in the janitor's closet!
Lane: What?! (sees Trina) TRINA VEGA! You are going to detention tomorrow night with Robbie!!!
Trina: What?! I need to go to a party this weekend!!! I don't wanna be stuck with a nerd!!!
Lane: You two, detention! Tomorrow night! No excuses!

TheSlap Message
Tori: Andre, I really wanna talk to you! Please go to my house tomorrow night?
Send to: Andre Harris

(Tori is seen with takeout food at her living room)
Tori: (runs to the door) Coming!
Andre: (Andre is seen at the door) Hey!
Tori: Hey! Come in! I ordered a takeout from a restaurant. Wanna have dinner?
Andre: Sure!
(they both sit down at the couch and eat)
Tori: Look, about the kiss.
Andre: We shouldn't have done that.
Tori: I know. Since we're best friends.
Andre: So, are we still friends?
Tori: Yeah.
(Jade and Beck are seen opening the back door and play a romantic slow song without Tori and Andre noticing them)
Andre: I need to tell you something.
Tori: Me too.
Andre: Let's say it at the same time.
Tori: Okay.
Tori and Andre: I love you!
(They both widen their eyes)
(They both blush)
Tori: So since the kiss, you fell in love with me?
Andre: And you also felt the same way?
(Silent Pause)
(They both smile)
(They lean close)
(They kiss)
Andre So, do you wanna go out in the movies and hangout in Skybucks Coffee next weekend?
Tori: Yeah. I would love that.
Andre: I love you.
Tori: I love you too.
(They kiss again)
(They both smile)