Random Plays
Season 1
Created by Pretty pink123
Directed by Pretty pink123
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Double Trouble

Random Plays is Part 1 of a Tandre Special episode of Victorious.


When Tori and Andre are randomly chosen to be the lead characters in a play, they promise they won't back-out. But when they found out that they have to kiss in the end, they become too nervous because they are best friends. When they finally did it, they don't talk to each other because of the kiss. So they take advice from Jade and Beck. After various attempts, they finally talked and had another kiss. And they become girlfriend and boyfriend.

Meanwhile, when Trina hid Robbie's homework in the janitor's closet, Cat went to help him. Bu they get locked in since the door was replaced and it can only be opened from the outside. After they get out of the room, Robbie tries to get back at Trina, but they always backfires. In the end, they both get in detention. Robbie got to detention because he was caught by Lane trying to do a very embarrasing prank on Trina, and Trina got to detention because the teachers found about her hiding Robbie's homework.


To see the whole script of the episode, click here.


  • Tandre (Tori and Andre)
  • Bade (Beck and Jade)
  • Cabbie (Cat and Robbie)
  • Tribbie (Trina and Robbie)


  • This is the first time we see Tori and Andre kiss.
  • Tori and Andre apparently say the same thing when they were thinking of what to do to talk to each other.
  • The play Tori, Andre, Jade, and Beck are in is "Unexpected Romance". Sikowitz randomly chooses the genre of the play by using a wheel and picks up pieces of paper with the student's name on it to choose the character.