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Penelope Rain's Appearance starting in Jade gets Revenge


Penelope Rain Is the cousin of Isabella Kayden.She first appears on Moving In. She is an Actress when she first come to HollyWood Arts but eventually she becomes a singer.She first sings in Christmas Spirit.She sings Her own cover Of Deck The Halls.It Can be heard under her picture.She Is Made By VictoriousCatLover.

Debby Ryan - Deck The Halls (Lyrics Video) HD

Debby Ryan - Deck The Halls (Lyrics Video) HD

Episode Appearances

Moving In

Christmas Spirit

The Deal


Jade Gets Revenge

Taking The Lead


Far Out

Drivers Test

Talent SHow

Hello My Name Is...

I Heart You

The Break Up

Big Time Tori (Part 1)

Big Time Tori (Part 2)

Beck & Jade

Times Up

Pretty In Purple