&nbsp This is the first season 3 episode.This episode introduces a new character,Penelope Rain.


AFter the events of My Solo, Tori begins to wonder if the record company accepted her.She goes to the record company with Isabella.Isabella finds out her cousin Penelope Rain is going to hollywood Arts to pursue acting.Jade then tries to manipulate Penelope into sabatoging Tori chances at getting the record deal.Penelope Then tells Tori and Isabella.They plan on getting revenge.Jade and Cat go to the record company after hours(Cat doesnt know about Jades plan because she thinks they are going out for ice cream).She grabs Tori's DEmo CD that she turned into the company and throws it out the window.In The morning they record guys come back and said they cant hire Tori because they lost her CD.Isabella suspects Jade.They confront Jade and they actually make her feel bad.Jade goes to the company and tells them that she threw out the CD.Penelope then comes and explains everything and They hire Tori but not as a singer as an intern.Tori then takes the chance because she knows that if she proves she can be nice and not let fame go to her head(like in Tori Goes Platinum) she will get the Chance of a lifetime.In The end Penelope,Now enrolled at Hollywood Arts,and the others enjoy lunch as the episode ends with the Instrumental version of make it shine.


-Penelope Rain Is a new character

-This is a continuation Of My Solo

-This is a special episode of Victorious but its not a movie episode