There is a new song in this episode.Please tell me(VictoriousCatLover) what you think.


Since the kiss Cat and Robbie shared, they started dating.Mackenzie and Trina are eating lunch until Tori and Isabella sat down.Trina walked away because of Isabella.Mackenzie asked to go shopping with her.Later at there favorite store,Mackenzie asked to her to try and have Isabella to and Trina to become friends.Tori said she would try.Meanwhile, Cat and Robbie keep making everyone uncomfortable by kissing all the time.Tori arranged a playdate for Trina and Isabella.They talked and Trina said she was jealous of her because she is "good friends"with beck and also because she sings good.Isabella decided to become friends with Trina.Cat and Robbie showed up at the resteraunt and Tori went to them and said they need to stop making out in front of everybody.They agreed and Trina and Isabella sand a duet titled"Hope Has Wings"


-You can listen to Hope Has Wings on Youtube

-Hope Has Wings is really by Brie Larson