• In Victorious The Movie: Baby Time! her voice is by Elizabeth Gillies along with Jade's.
  • She loves art and can do it very well.
  • She is addicted to Wahoo Punch
  • Rex often flirts with her because she was born in northrige,but she hated it their so she hates Rex.
  • When she originally met everyone she had a crush on Andre but that soon ended when she saw him kissing his girlfriend (since she is a open character he does not have a specific girlfriend because all stories are different, currently Andre is dating Tori in Fanon)
  • She has kissed Beck several times through out the series
  • She and Cat are best Friends
  • She owns a Bright red sports car
  • beck loves her and Jade equally,but since they can both get obsessive,he often flirts with other girls behind there backs
  • She has a light British accent.

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