Kitten "Kit" Suza Brooke
699214849 111730
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Nationality: American
Hometown: Hollywood
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Peppy Darlington

Cat Valintine



Love interests:
Rex Powers
Pets: Willy

She first appeared in "Cabbie?Reppy??". She is currently dating Rex. Cat named her "Kitten" because her neighbors Cat recently had kittens.

When Cat was made fun of at school, she gave Kit to Peppy. Peppy does not always carry her to school.


  • Cat probably went to ventriloquist class to be closer to Robbie.
  • She is the second puppet in the series.
  • She can act like Cat.
  • Her name is Kit because "kit" and "cat" sound some what a like.
  • Reference to iCarly: Her middle name is Suza, and in "iAm Your Biggest Fan", there was a band member named Suza (everyone called her Susan).
  • I (TORIseddie) will completly rewrite Rebbie, and Kit will most likely not be part of it. She will, however, be in other fanfics.
  • Her locker desin is purple background with stars, and it is in between Peppy and Cat's lockers.
  • In the pic, Elie is Elie from the pilot episode.
  • Cat got her to be like Robbie, so when she got rid of her, she started taking a plush giraffe to school instead.
  • I(TORIseddie)am REALLY sorry,but none of my charectors are open charecters
  • the episode "Cabbie?Reppy??"does not have a page yet.after i write "I thought you loved me...." i will make that page.


Images (5)

Willy with a random little boy

is Kit's puppy puppet.he was only mentioned so far.he is such a minor charecter that he does not have his own page.

Born: William Logan Drake Brooke


Address: Peppy's room


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kit's locker

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