This episode features 2 new songs.


Tori and Jade perform on the same night at the Special prize jam and whoevers performance wins gets a date with tori's favorite celebrity. Tori sneaks into Jade's Locker and sabotages her lyrics. When Jade finds this she first suspects Tori and she begins to be tired of Tori showing her up.She doesnt say a word about the lyrics and Tori thinks shes off the hook. On the night of the performance Tori goes first she performs Bad Boys. In the middle of her performance, jade and Beck come on stage and ruins her performance by having the mic cut off from the amp. Tori then asks Jade why she always ruins everything for her and Jade says Why did you mess up my lyrics.Sikowitz comes on stage and asks if this is true Tori admits it and apologizes. Jade then performs You Don't Know Me and says shes performing it to Tori. The episode ends with Jade winning the prize and Tori realizing she most likely ended her possible friendship with Jade.


- You Don't Know Me and Bad Boys are performed

- THis is the frst time Tori does something bad

- This episode marks the unlikely end of the Jori friendship