Jacob often called Anakin is the boyfriend of Cat Valentine.

Jacob Vega
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: Unkown
Nationality: American
Hometown: California
Born: May 8th 1995
Professional Information
  Hollywood Arts
Friends and Family
Veronica Vega (deceased)
Veronica's mother
Jade West, Robbie, Andre Harris and Beck Oliver
Love interests:
Cat Valentine
Pets: Bandicoot

History Edit

Jacob Vega is a new student at Hollywood Arts high school he is also the boyfriend of Cat Valentine who he had a crush on since the first day he came to Hollywood Arts in the 9th grade. Jacob is very religious as he carries a bible and wears a coss around his neck and always listens to country music and often sings with Tori and Cat along side Jade. Jacob takes part of the staff at the police department serving as a detective. 


Trina Vega: Jacob's cousin that he loves a lot

Jade West: Jade gets along with Jacob very well seeing as they are best friends

Tori Vega: Tori is also Jacob's cousin and they sing together.

Cat Valentine: Cat is his girlfriend! The met in the first grade.

Beck Oliver: Beck has no issues with Jacob in fact they has been friends since the second grade.

Andre Harris: Jacob and Andre have became enemys for no reason, but they was friends.

Robbie: He likes Robbie 'cause he likes hanging out with him unless Rex ruins it.

Rex: Jacob hates Rex a lot 

Locker designEdit

Jacob's locker design has an image of a football and pictures of him with his cousins Trina and Tori.

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