I don't JUST like you
the Locket
Season 1
Created by Pickledudette
Directed by Pickledudette
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Love Triangle
Triple Date

I don't JUST like you a Victorious Fanon Season 1 episode.This is part 3 of the Valentines Day Special.


  • Matenzie (Matt and Mackenzie)
  • Made Friendship


It's set a few months after Love Triangle and Matt and Mackenzie are sitting on a bench in the park.Matt Gives Mackenzie a Locket that says:

"I don't JUST like you"

then she opens it and it says:

"I love you"

Mackenzie is scared about this,but realizes that she is in love with him too,but is not ready to say it yet.She talks to Jade and Jade says she supports her 100% in any decision she makes.The rest of the episode is flash backs of Mackenzie and Matt's relation ship.Then in the end she says she loves him back and they kiss.


  • This is the First time only three characters are shown;Jade,Mack,And Matt
  • this is the 3rd time a Main character has said their first I love you
  • Speicial Matenzie Userbox!-
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