Tandre Bade
Robbie: (runs to Jade and Beck) Hey guys! Have you seen Tori and Andre?
Cat: We've been looking for them.
Jade: Nope.
Beck: Why?
Robbie: I need his advice on what to do with Trina after the homework incident.
Cat: And I want to talk to Tori about random stuff.
Jade: Robbie, you always know that you can just kill her.
Rex: That's the point. I've been trying to tell him that.
Beck: (sees Tori and Andre kissing) Uh, guys.... (points at them)
Cat: Whoa! I never seen that since the day before the Prome!
Rex: It looks like Andre's chewing on my girl!
Robbie: You'll always know she doesn't love you Rex!
Jade: But why are they kissing?
Beck: They might be dating.
Tori: (sees them) Hey guys! (holding hands with Tori)
Jade, Beck, Cat, and Robbie: Ummm... (confused)
Tori: Oh! You saw us...doing something!
Rex: Hey Andre! Why are you chewing on Tori?
Andre: I'm not chewing on Tori. We're dating.
Jade, Beck, Cat, and Robbie: Oooohhh!
Jade: (to Beck) I knew our plan worked!
Tori: What plan?
Beck: You see, when you and Andre are talking in your house, we snuck inside and played music to make it more romantic.
Tori and Andre: Okay.

(Opening song: Make it Shine)

Trina: Hey guys!
Tori, Andre, Jade, Beck, Cat, and Robbie: What's up?
Trina: My parents will unground me if I do chores! Who here wants to help?
Cat: Ooh! I love chores! I'll go with Robbie!
Robbie: What?! Nevermind I'll just go.
(Trina, Cat, and Robbie leave)

Beck: (to Tori and Andre) So, where's your first date together?
Tori: Me and Andre are gonna watch a movie and go to Skybucks Coffee after.
Andre: Yup! It's gonna be fun!
Tori: (smiles at Andre) Yeah!
Jade: Hey! Beck, remember when we planned a date at Skybucks Coffee this Saturday too?
Beck: Yeah.
Jade: So maybe we can have a double date with Tori and Andre!
Andre: That's a good idea.
Tori: But, what movie are we gonna watch? We planned to watch a comedy film!
Beck: Jade told me she wants to watch a horror movie.
Andre: But what are we gonna watch?
Jade: Fine, lets just watch an animated film. Happy now?

Trina: (with a checklist) Okay! First up, clean the room!
Robbie: I knew this would get crazier.
Rex: I'd rather be with Trina than clean her stinking room!
(Camera zooms out and shows Trina's messy room.)
Robbie: We can never finish this!
Cat: Don't worry, if we work together we can clean this room! (sings) What's gonna work, TEAMWORK! What's gonna work, TEAMWORK!
Trina: Come on guys! You can do this! I'm gonna go to the mall now!
Rex: Hey, don't you leave us here woman!
(Trina leaves and slams the door)
Robbie: Ugh! Come on Cat. Let's clean this up!
Cat: YAY!!!

Sherry: Hey, Rebecca! You gotta here this.
Rebecca: What?
Sherry: I heard that my ex-boyfriend, Andre is dating Tori Vega! She looks kinda jealous when I was dating him. Anyway, they're gonna have a double date with Beck and Jade!
Rebecca: So, maybe we can ruin their chances on having a double date! So you can have Andre back and I can now have Beck!
Sherry: That's a great idea! Now that we can make Jade and Tori suffer, and have Andre and Beck at the same time!

Tori: (to Jade) So, what are we gonna wear for the date?
Jade: Oh, I almost forgot! I'm gonna be nice to you until after the date!
Tori: Okay?
Jade: Anyway, we're gonna wear this! (holds a sparkly purple dress and a very chic black dress)
Tori: That looks so cool! Let me try 'em on!
Jade: Wait! You're not supposed to let your date know what your gonna wear!
Tori: Why?
Jade: You're gonna have bad dating luck!
Tori: Why are you telling me this?
Jade: 'Cause you're not likely to break up with Andre like all the other boyfriends you had. So you'll really have a good time with Andre like me and Beck.
Tori: Okay, for a mean girl, you're kinda friendly.
Jade: I know right!
(Sherry and Rebecca are seen with big water guns with permanent blue ink inside, but they're not seen by Jade and Tori)
Sherry: Operation Ruin Jade and Tori's dresses is on the go!
(They aim at Jade and Tori's dresses)
Rebecca: Ready, aim, fire! (they miss)
Sherry: I can't believe we missed!

Andre: I can't belive me and Tori are gonna have our fist date together! I'm so excited!
Beck: Yup! I'm gonna give you some advice.
Andre: Okay.
Beck: You know you're not likely to break up with Tori, right?
Andre: Yeah.
Beck: So, to show her how you really love her, you can give her a really nice present!
Andre: Okay! I'm gonna give her a suprise gift during the date!
Beck: Come on, let's go buy one!

Trina: Okay! Clean the room, check! Next up, wash the dishes!
Cat: Yay! I love washing stuff!
Robbie: Trina! You can't expect us to do all of this!
(shows that there are a lot of dirty dishes)
Trina: Fine, I'll pay you $10 each!
Rex: $20!
Trina: $15!
Rex: $25!
Trina: Fine. Bye!! (leaves the house)
Robbie: Hey Cat, do you have any soap?
Cat: Hey! I'm still using it!

Tori: (notices something in her locker) Hey Jade!
Jade: What?
Tori: What's this?
Jade: It looks like a present! I'll read the tag:
To: Tori Vega
From: Anonymus
Tori: Andre can'give me this. Impossible.
Jade: Yup.
(Tori opens it)
Tori: (sees those are Bush Daisies) Aaaahhhh!
Jade: (throws it outside) What kind of idiot would send you those menaces?!
Tori: You couldn't possibly send me that, right? 'Cause you were with me the whole time.
Jade: Yeah.

Rebecca: Operation Get Tori to be Sick is a big failure!
Sherry: Grrrrr!!!!

TheSlap Update
Tori Vega: WHO SENT ME BUSH DAISIES!!!! Mood: Mad

Beck: How about flowers? You can give her flowers!
Andre: Naahh. I already sent her flowers the day after the play.
Beck: How about a stuffed toy?
Andre: Naahh. Too kiddy.
Beck: How about a charm bracelet with her name on it?
Andre: Okay, I'll buy that. And Tori will get rid of Steven's gift for her anyway.
Beck: Yeah.

Trina: Okay, wash the dishes, check! Next up, wash the car!
Cat: Yay! I love cars!
Robbie: Okay, but this is the last chore we're gonna do right?
Trina: Yeah! Bye!!! (leaves the house)
Rex: Hey! What about my allowance!
Robbie: You're not even doing anything! You're just sitting there!
Rex: So?! I'm collecting money to buy my own house so I can get away from you!

Sherry: Operation Kiss Andre and Make Him Break Up with Tori is on the go!
Rebecca: Let's go!
Tori: Hold it right there!
Jade: We knew that it was you all along! The dress! The Bush Daisies!
Tori: And now, you're gonna kiss my boyfriend and make him wanna break up with me! Why are you doing this?!
Rebecca: Actually I'm also supposed to make out with Beck! Until Jade came along!
Jade: Oh! It's on now!!!!
(Jade pulls Rebecca's hair and Rebecca tries to beat up Jade)
(Tori and Sherry do the same thing)
(Andre and Beck noticed the fight)
Andre: What in the Nancy's going on here!!!!
Beck: Hey guys! Stop it!
Tori: Andre! Sherry wants you to break up with me!
Andre: WHAT?!
Jade: And Rebecca wants you to break up with me Beck!
Beck: WHAT?!
Andre: (hugs Tori) I would never do that to my cupcake!
Beck: (hugs Jade) Why would ever break up with my girlfriend
Tori: So what are we gonna do with them?
Jade: I have an idea! Hey Lane!
Lane: What is it this time?
Andre: These two girls (Sherry and Rebecca) were trying to intimidate our girlfriends!
Jade: Just suspend them for a month!
Lane: But Rebecca doesn't study here.
Tori: Then suspend her at Sherwood High!
Beck: And you can ask their parents to ground them for life!
Lane: Okay, whatever. Come on Sherry and Rebecca.
Sherry and Rebecca: NO!!!!

Trina: (opens the front door) So, how are you guys going?
(Trina realizes her parents are there)
Trina: Mom! Dad! I can explain-
Mr. Vega: Cat and Robbie called us and told us that you want them to do the chores for you!
Mrs. Vega: Katrina Vega, you should be ashamed of yourself!
Cat: (angry) So Trina, where's our $25?!
Robbie: Come on Cat, I'll drive you home.
Cat: Bye!
Mr. Vega: (to Trina) As for you young lady, you are grounded for let's say....uhh....
Mrs. Vega: Three months! And that includes your allowance!
Trina: NO!!!!

TheSlap Update
Tori Vega: Going on a double date! So excited! Mood: Excited

(Tori, Andre, Jade, and Beck are at the movies)
Jade: I wish there was a scene when the puppy gets hurt.
Tori: Jade?
Jade: Just kidding.
Beck: I just love the whole concept of that movie.
Andre: Good thing we picked the one with music.
(Andre kisses Tori)
(Beck kisses Jade)

(Tori, Andre, Jade, and Beck are at the Skybucks Coffee)
Andre: Mmmm! This is the best coffee ever! Tori: And there's Wi-Fi!
Jade: I couldn't agree more.
Beck: I love this cookie!
Andre: Oh! I almost forgot! (hands Tori a charm bracelet) Here you go Tori! (Andre smiles)
Tori: Thanks! (wears it) Best date ever!!!
(Andre kisses Tori again)
(Beck kisses Jade again) THE END Smile

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