Double Trouble

Bade and Tandre, respectively

Season 1
Created by Pretty pink123
Directed by Pretty pink123
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Double Trouble is Part 2 of a Tandre Special on Victorious.


Since Tori and Andre are now dating, Jade and Beck plans a double date with them. Because of this, Jade temporarily becomes nicer to Tori until after the double date. But with Sherry (Andre's ex-girlfriend) and Rebecca (from Attack of the 50 ft. Tori) ruining their chances to have a date, Jade and Tori hang out more to prepare for the date. While Beck and Andre do the same thing. Sherry and Rebecca's plans on them get backfired and Tori, Andre, Jade, and Beck had a very romantic date.

Meanwhile, since Trina was grounded because of being in detention for stealing Robbie's homework, Cat and Robbie help Trina with her chores. Including washing the dishes, cleaning her room, and washing her car. But her parents figured out that they were doing all the chores. So Trina gets grounded for 3 months.


  • This is the first time Tori and Andre have a date.
  • This is Jade and Beck's first date that is seen. They had a lot of dates but they are not shown onscreen.
  • Sherry returns from Victorious' real episode "Prom Wrecker".
  • Rebbeca returns from the episode "Attack of the 50 ft. Tori".

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