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Angelica's Performance
Season 1
Created by TORIseddie
Directed by TORIseddie
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Meet Mackenzie
I thought you loved me.....

Dance-Off!!!! is a Victorious Fanon Season 1 episode. Hollywood Arts gets very competitive in this episode.


  • Bade (Beck and Jade)
  • Tandre (Tori and Andre)
  • Cabbie (Cat and Robbie)
  • Reppy (Robbie and Peppy)
  • Dangelica (Daisy/Angelica)
  • Baisy Friendship (Beck and Daisy)
  • Meck (Mackenizie and Beck)


a commpetitave sing/dance off happens in this fan-made episode.look at the transscript 4 more info.meanwhile,Trina and Peppy make They're own talk show on The


  • After I (TORIseddie) write this, I will write a Bade story.
  • This is the 1st time Daisy has visted Hollywood Arts High since she was 8.(mentioned)
  • This is Daisy and Peppy's 1st performance.


  • Daisy: Dynamite
  • Tori and Andre: Song2You
  • Robbie, Cat and Peppy: Robbie's big toe
  • Jade and Beck: Hey, Soul Sister
  • Mackenzie and Donna: Freak the Freak Out
  • Angelica: Make It Shine

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