Daisy Diamond
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Nationality: American
Hometown: Hollywood
Born: July 8, 2000
Professional Information
  Hollywood Arts Middle School
Friends and Family
Pretty pink123
Angelica Diamond
Tori Vega, Jade West, Cat Valentine
Locker Design:
Neon paint splatters with multi-colored peace signs

Daisy Diamond is the younger sister of Angelica Diamond. She has blue eyes and brunette hair with orange highlights.

Personality and TraitsEdit

She studies at Hollywood Arts Middle School as a 8th Grader. She really loves to do things that require creativity, hence her locker design. Her favorite painting is “Good Music”, a painting by Prince Dewodo of West Africa. When Angelica introduced her to the whole gang, she immediately became friends with them. But she keeps picking on Robbie and Rex for she thinks that he is too weird to go to Hollywood Arts. Her favorite food is spaghetti. And her favorite drink is lemonade and also Wahoo Punch.

She is very passionate of her talent. And she doesn’t intentionally steal the spotlight. Her love interest is Drew, a classmate and best friend of hers. They first met when Drew keeps teasing her, but when he realized that he made her feel so upset, he immediately apologized. And he is the reason of her talent, painting. They always have been together solving each other’s problems. But they don’t reveal their true love.

Daisy's locker

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