Catzilla is an episode of Victorious.


After accidentally getting herself hit by a growth ray invented by Robbie, Cat begins growing little by little. At first she doesn't notice, but as she gets larger and larger, she cannot deny what's happenging to her. Eventually, she is 15 feet tall. Later she is 40 feet tall. Tori, Andre, Jade, and Beck try to keep Cat distracted. But, when Robbie tries to give Cat the antidote, which is a needle, Cats gets angry because needles upset her. She runs off into the city and goes on a rampage, leaving destruction in her wake. Tori tries to reason with her, but it doesn't work. Robbie finally arrives, and climbs up to Cat's arm. Cat spots him and tries to get him off, but Robbie manages to stick the needle into her arm, returning her to normal.


  • This is the only sci-fi episode to date.
  • This is the first time Cat actually gets REALLY angry.

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