Gender: Female
Age: half a year
Nationality: American
Hometown: Hollywood
Born: June 2nd,2011
Created: TORIseddie
Professional Information
  Jade West
Friends and Family
Jade West
Jade West
Pets: Jade West
Jade West

Ariana Olivia "Olive" West is Jade West's pet yorkie.she got her as a secret santa present during Christmas. She is a purebread yorkie and Jade carries her to school in a jet black bag. (which is a little un-Jadeish.)

She will appear in the 2011 Christmas special (do not search for that, i will not write it until December.)


  • Ariana is Ariana Grande's (Cat) first name.
  • The basic Jade-plot of the upcoming Christmas special is that her secret-santa gift was Ariana and Jade has no idea who gave her to her. Was it Beck? Tori? Cat? Trina? a secret admirer? or santa claus himself??
  • She is Lilly's best friend but Jan's sworn enemy (because of the rivalry between they're owners)
  • She is the first pet of any main cast member who is on the real show.
  • i am very sorry,but none of my charicters can have huge,charicter changing things happen unless you run it by me(TORIseddie

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