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Season 1
Created by Pickledudette
Directed by Pickledudette
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Anniversary is a Victorious Fanon Season 1 episode.It is Part three of the Matenzie Special


  • Matenzie
  • Made Friendship


It's Matt and Mackenzie's 1 year Anniversary and He got her a Pet Duck,but Mackenzie can't think of what to get him!She turns to Jade for help,she suggests to Give him a video game,but mack can't afford any so she makes him a card but still wants a gift to go with it.Meanwhile Jade has a wrestling match with Dani too see who gets Mr.Nibbles(Tori bought him from Nevel (icarly)for 30$).Jade ends up Getting Mr.Nibbles and gives him to Mackenzie who gives him to Matt,who renames him Luke.


  • Mr.Nibbles is shown from iCarly,but this is not a Cross over due to him being

A.a pet and

B. not a main Character

  • It is really odd how Matt got her a Duck,and it is unknown if he bought one or just got one from a park.